Lizzie Necklace - Fluorescent Pink


Inspired by the iconic necklace of our favorite girl from the early 2000's, Lizzie McGuire! ✨💖

The Lizzie necklace features a neon pink heart with a star cutout and a line of little pearls.

You choose your metal! The Lizzie necklace is available in:

  • Gold Filled (ready to ship)
  • 14K Gold (made-to-order)

You can also choose your chain length!

  • 16" or 18" lengths (ready to ship)
  • Custom lengths available made-to-order, just send us an email or DM!

Each item is individually assembled by hand and made with remnant acrylic to reduce waste 🌏♻️

14K Gold is MADE-TO-ORDER! Made-to-order items take an estimated 1-2 weeks before they are ready to ship.

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