Inspired by her grandmother, Chloe DeCoito Capricorn, space cowgirl and Nebraska native created Eunice the Label in 2019.

Chloe's grandma Eunice had the ability to transcend style beyond what she chose to wear. She understood that what hangs in our closets is only part of the picture and extended her personal taste to acts of kindness, thoughtful encouragement and motivation to pursue seemingly impossible dreams. Eunice played a crucial part in DeCoito taking her dream internship in New York City that led DeCoito to start her own brand a few years later.

Eunice the Label is a curation of handmade accessories and vintage pieces that are whimsical, trendsetting and vibrant. It’s a brand that celebrates and practices intentional consumption, encouraging you to slow down and invest your energy into pieces that spark joy in yourself and others.  

We’re all about pushing the boundaries of personal style and stepping out of our comfort zones with what we wear and how we act. Plus we understand that sometimes your mom’s vintage Levi’s and your dad’s leather jacket might not fit quite right, so we’ve taken the time to find a better fit without compromising the nostalgia.

Fashion is meant to be fun and Eunice is here to play. Find your next favorite piece and get groovy with us!