In-house collection items such as jewelry require special care to sustain a long life. We suggest storing your item in the box provided to avoid scratches from other jewelry.
Our jewelry is made with remnant acrylic, which are the remaining pieces of material leftover after acrylic has been cut during production. We utilize this material to eliminate as much waste as possible while still offering high quality acrylic jewelry.
To clean your jewelry, gently wipe it using a microfiber cloth to remove dust or fingerprints. To avoid scratching the surface, make sure that you’re using a clean, soft cloth. If need be, a small amount of water can be added for stubborn spots.
Most of our earring posts and metals are surgical stainless steel, which should not tarnish from getting wet. However, some of our jewelry uses silver plated metal that may tarnish when wet, so it’s best to avoid getting your jewelry wet all together. Make sure to remove jewelry before showering.
If you have any questions about how to care for your items, feel free to email us at!