Who are Story Subscriptions for?

Story Subscriptions are for those who have heirloom stories that they want to share with others, or for those whose family members know the stories of heirloom pieces.

Subscriptions can be used to pass down an heirloom and share the stories you know with the person receiving the heirloom.

They’re the perfect way to request and learn the stories from your loved ones who know all the details about heirloom pieces.

Story subscriptions can also work great for introducing new heirloom pieces into the family, such as any of our modern heirloom jewelry.

What is included in a subscription?

All story subscriptions include a digital storybook link that can be saved or shared for years to come. The storybooks include your written stories and any uploaded documents such as photos, videos, or audio files.

Additionally, each subscription package comes with special perks like free customizing on items from our bespoke collection, free shipping on all orders, and early access to new product drops on our website. 

Can I add on additional heirloom items to my story subscription?

Yes! You can add additional heirloom item stories to any package. Additional items/stories are purchased separately from packages, and are located under the “subscribe” tab.

What happens when my year long subscription ends?

You will have the option to renew your subscription for continued access to edit and update your stories as well as the special perks that come with your membership like free shipping on all orders and early access to new drops, or you have the option to discontinue your subscription.

What does it cost to renew your subscription?

If you renew your subscription after the first year, the price of your subscription will drop to $49.

How long will I have access to my digital storybook?

You will always have access to your digital storybook, even if you decide to cancel your subscription after the first year. However, without renewing your subscription you will be unable to edit or update your stories.

When can I edit or update my stories?

You can edit or update stories anytime during your subscription. However, if you choose not to renew your subscription after the first year, you will lose access to edit or update your stories.