Package 2


Storybook Package 2: Capture and share the stories behind past and present heirloom jewelry with a beautiful, digital storybook for up to 2 heirloom items!

Storybooks keep your treasured heirloom stories alive for years to come, and they're the perfect way to make passing on an heirloom a memorable experience.

You can renew your subscription after the first year for just $49! Renewals allow you to:

  • edit or update your stories anytime
  • access our special perks all year long

What perks, you might ask?

  • FREE customizing on any items from our bespoke collection
  • FREE shipping on all US orders
  • exclusive access to shop new drops, special offers, and more!

Once you're finished checking out, you'll receive an onboarding email from us where you can select if you'd like to request, create, or gift this purchase.

Request is for those whose loved ones have stories, photos or other information that you'd like to gather about an heirloom item. All you have to do is list the name and email of your loved one on our onboarding form and we will reach out to them for you with the perfect questions to put together a story.

Create is for those who can tell the story about an heirloom themselves. Perhaps you were previously told stories about an heirloom that was passed down to you, or maybe it's a new piece of jewelry that you're documenting stories of as they happen.

With Gifts, you can do more than just share with others - you can make a storybook a personalized gifted experience for someone you love. Gifts include a special to-and-from, as well as a personalized message from you.

Depending on what you select from our onboarding form, you'll be given further instructions on how to move forward via email.

Check out our FAQ page located at the bottom of our website for any further questions you may have about storybooks!

There is an estimated lead time of 1-2 weeks before you will receive your finished digital storybook link via email.

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